Xiaomi F8 Original Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Home car Low Noise Dust Collector household LED Multifunctional Brush Roidmi F8


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             Xiaomi F8 Main Features

Multiple whirling dragon duct system, 18500pa wind pressure, 1100L / min air volume.

Charge for 2.5 hours and run for 50-60 minutes.

Electric anti-mite brush, roll off the mites, bacteria, hair on the surface of the cotton fabric at high speed.

Remove the footprints, allergens, such as fungi, bacteria in the car.

APP intelligent connection, check the power of the host, cleaning time, full dust reminding and the filter element replacement.

LED inductive lamp, automatically illuminate sofa, bed bottom and other dark corners

Built-in 2500mAH lithium-ion battery.

Magnetic absorption bracket, combine the receiving and charging function.


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                   Detailed parameters


Simple Design
make housework more efficient


large handle design
with comfortable grip


1.5kg lightweight design


With a speed of up to 100,000 RPM and a power of 415W, the effective suction power reaches 115W, providing a durable and strong driving force for the vacuum cleaner.


Multi-level Tornado Wind Tunnel System
Multi-stage cyclone dust suction duct structure, coupled with high-power DC digital brushless motor, is a guarantee of reciprocating suction. In the enhanced gear, the high-speed rotation of the motor reaches 1100 liters per minute, producing a centrifugal air pressure of up to 18,500 Pa, effectively removing dust particles that adhere to the ground. Optimized design with multiple noise reduction, noise as low as 75dB(A), quiet and comfortable.


Super suction, sweeping instant
the strong suction created by the strong air volume allows the sweeping effect to be immediately achieved by he efficient sweeping of the floor brush system removing dust from the floor or carpet.


Roller brush easily deal with a variety of complex ground environments
the independent motor drive generatesstrong torque and strongly cleans ground-size granules, hair and floor dust. the unique minor self-propelled suction function makes it easier.


Do not wrap hair, easy to clean the falling hair
the flat surface of the drum brush makes the hair nowhere to hide. under the inertia of huge air currents, the hair is too late to be wound into the suction cup, and the innovative comb design can effectively reduce hair twisting during fast rotation.


Four-heavy filtration system filters dust particles
Avoid clogging and keep suction.
In order to achieve better filtration performance, designed a four-weight purification system, effective filtration dust particles, to avoid blockage, to maintain long-term suction. From the initial effect of interception of hair, debris to efficient filtration of dust, allergens, such as four-heavy purification, layer of protection. Effective adsorption of small particles to 0.3 microns, purification rate of 99%, clean air, to avoid two pollution, for you to create a clean and healthy home environment.


Intelligent Power Management System 
High rate high-power power supply, safe and durable performance. Smart Battery Management System, the release of outstanding endurance, Standard mode, the duration of about 55 minutes, sweeping area of about 350 square meters, enhanced retaining position can provide 10 minutes of super suction to cope with the difficult task. Inform you of the health of your battery pack via your mobile app, and remind you of any problems you may have.


Soft flannel roller brush maintenance wooden floor
Soft and hard two kinds of imported nylon fiber wrapped soft cashmere roller, it is designed for wood floors and floor tile also soft fibers be polished and cleaned wooden floors.


Carbon roller brush
Into the carpet to suck pet hair
Suitable for a variety of floor materials carbon fiber roller, using soft and hard two kinds of nylon brush strip + rubber brush composite design, scraping, sweeping, shooting three-in-one clean, deep carpet can absorb stubborn dirt and pet hair, can also be used General cleaning of floor and floor tiles.
Modular design, one-button disassembly to meet more cleaning requirements.




Innovative design of magnetic suction bracket 
To facilitate the absorption of vacuum cleaners, the design of the magnetic suction bracket, wall suction and transparent wall stickers used to deal with complex walls and the environment. 



Split dust cup design
Smart reminder
One-click cleaning, press the bottom button of the dust cup to remove the dust cup, and open the tail cover to facilitate dust, one-handed operation without touching the dirt. Double-opening design makes it easier to remove internal structural parts for cleaning and washing. 

App Smart Connection
Automatic reminder of exceptions 
Vacuum cleaner through the Bluetooth connection mobile phone, open app, check the power of the host, cleaning time, dust full reminder and cartridge replacement and so on, more show calorie consumption index function. Also through the phone to the vacuum cleaner firmware upgrades, to help you achieve the best cleaning experience.







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United States,Canada,Most North and South American Countries,Japan,Philippines,Thailand,etc.


Australia/New Zealand (2 Pin Plug Adapter)
Australia,New Zealand,Argentina


UK Plug Adapter (3 Pin Flat Pin)




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All products are original and brand new, provide three year warranty for vacuum cleaner. and In the future provide replacement parts.
We guarantee satisfaction for honest and reasonable buyer. If the item is damaged on arrival, please be cooperative to take photos or videos on the problem and send to us for verifying. For confirmed product faulty on your approval, we can send to you free replacement parts, but for any physical damage or damage is result of buyer misuse, Buyer need to share some amount.



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Additional information

Weight 5.25 kg


Ships From:

China, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, France, Spain

Plug Type:


Voltage (V):



Vertical/Hand Held

Dust Storage Type:

Cyclone Dust Bucket/Dust Box

Special Suction Nozzle:

Multifunctional Combined Brush

Remote Control:


Timing Reservation:


Model Number:

Roidmi F8

Cord Length (m):


Bag Or Bagless:


Cleaning Route:

Random Type



Battery Life:

1 hour

Filter Type:


Dust Box Capacity (L):

<0.5 L

Turbo Brush:


Brand Name:


Power (W):






Release Date :


Dust box volume:




Wind Pressure:


Electric anti-mite brush:


APP Connection:


Multifunctional Brush :



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