Global Version Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Home Automatic Sweeping Smart Planned WIFI APP Control Charge Dust Cleaning


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As for Chinese Version, we will add adapters according to your country. Please don't worry. 

main feature



  • Phone App WIFI control, Time Schedule,cleaning every corner for Home and Office, Automatic charging

  • Intelligent planning path,memory family layout

  • 1800PA  Strong suction,brushless motor ;the noise is less than 55db

  • 420ML dust box, double filter system,effective filter dust,mites etc

  • 5200mAh Li-Battery. Long life and over 250 square meters

  • 96mm Slim design enable this Robot Vacuum Cleaner working in the narrow space


Global Version Xiaomi mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Intelligent Path Planning | Wind Pressure Suction | Remote Intelligent Control | Large Battery Lasting Sweep



Advanced algorithms to get the best path for efficient cleaning


Synchronous positioning and map building algorithm, also known as SLAM algorithm, 

it was used in the United States NASA rover, Google unmanned vehicles and other high-tech projects,

This algorithm can be used to build a room map in real time and accurately know where it is on  map,

thus providing the best  path planning.



Three intelligent chips make me smarter

Three independent processors is my smart brain, it will simulate the way of thinking like the human brain  

simultaneous acquisition and processing Sensor information, through positioning and calculation, 

real-time construction of the map and planning the final cleaning path, so that i can sweeping more efficient.



The body covers 12 types of sensors


No matter in any home environment, the height of 9.6cm body can easily enter every corner of the house,

and cleanliness can be done elegantly in both visible and invisible places.

Powerful,ultra-quiet air flow
Stronger cleaning power  I  Higher wind efficiency  I  Noise reduction
NIDEC brushless motor
Ultra-high 1800Pa air pressure,greater suction power
Clean up tasks efficiently

I will clean the map according to the SLAM algorithm and map the sweeping path. With the cooperation of the sensors, 

I was able to know the distribution of indoor objects,identify obstacles and plan the cleaning path in real time. 

In order to ensure the cleaning effect and cleaning efficiency,I will use the Z-shaped cleaning path after the first edge, 

and complete the partition cleaning one by one to complete the cleaning task efficiently.


1cm wall distance
Precisely maintains a 1cm distance from walls
Side brushes extend to clean gap between floor and wall
Main brush with adjustable height
Automatically adjusts height to create a tight seal with floor
Thorough dirt pick-up on uneven surfaces
Dynamic brush speed
Assesses cleaning situation to adjust speed of side brushes
Typical 130 spins/second speed,maximum 330 spins/second

Automatic replay and break off


Through my own laser ranging sensor scan and locate the charger, identify its position on the map. 

whenThe room all the cleaning is completed, If the power is less than 20%,I can automatically return to the charging station ,

when the charge to 80% I will back to the last unclean point to continue cleaning


Remote intelligent control,let me sweep when you are far away from home

Open the  APP, you can view the cleaning status in real time, through real-time map to understand the cleaning schedule.

In addition, you can also arrange my cleaning task at any time, set up before work every day This APP 

will remind you to replace the relevant parts, intelligent control is so eazy.





Strong power from my powerful battery


High-energy density 18650 Li-Ion battery capacity of 5200mAh, a single maximum life in standard mode 

of about 2.5 hours The maximum cleaning area of about 250 square meters*, special design of constant current 

and constant voltage charging mechanism to ensure long battery life, with automatic return The intimate function of 

filling can meet the cleaning needs of families in different areas.




  • Product size 345mm * 345mm * 96mm

  • Battery 14.4V / 5200mAh lithium battery, the product weighs about 3.8kg

  • Wireless connection Wi-Fi smart fast connection

  • Rated voltage 14.4V, rated power 55W

  • Dimensions 230mm * 109mm * 129mm

  • Rated power 55W, rated input 100 – 240V ~, rated output 20V2.2A, rated frequency 50 / 60Hz      




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Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Color :


Ships From:

China, France, Spain


Sweep Suction

Voltage (V):


Dust Storage Type:

Dust Box



Battery Life:

2 hours-2 hours and 30 minutes

Brand Name:


Timing Reservation:


Cord Length (m):


Remote Control:


Bag Or Bagless:


Cleaning Route:

Planned Type

Dust Box Capacity (L):

<0.5 L

Model Number:

XiaoMi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Filter Type:




Turbo Brush:






Power (W):


Robot Size :

345mm * 345mm * 96mm

App Control:

Wifi App Control

Commodity Type:

Robot Vacuums

Virtual Wall:


Product Type:

Robot Vacuums




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