2019 Portable Home Ozone Air Water Ozone Sterilizer Deodorizer Portable Ozonator Device Ozone Refreshener 110V

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Promotion! Portable Home Ozone Air Purifier Water Ozone Sterilizer Deodorizer Portable Ozonator Device Ozone Cleaner 110V/220V     


The optional accessory is 2meters silicone tube and 3pcs air stone. please refer to the below photo for accessory. 


When with accessory it can be used for both air and water sterilization. 


When without accessory it can only be used for air sterilization. 


air and water purifier


300mg ozone generator (2)



Model YL-A300N
Ozone Output 200-300mg/h
Tube materila  Silica tube
Voltage AC100-120 or 220-240V
Frequency 60Hz/50Hz
Power Consumption 10W
Max. Area 50 Square Meter 


Working Principle:

Take advantage of high voltage, use oxygen in the air as raw material to produce ozone and anion. 




Sterilization: Kill many kinds of bacterias and virus, no secondary pollution.

Detoxification: Get rid of pesticide residue in the vegetables and fruit. 

Deodorization: Eliminate bad smell of mould fungus, smoking, and restroom. 

Increase oxygen: Increase the oxygen in the air. 


 300mg ozone generator (10)




1. Drinking water Purification,Fruit and Vegetable Sterilization.

  Ozone is nature’s most powerful oxidant. For years, ozone has been used for water purification and sewage treatment.

  Nowadays, Ozone is used to reduce chlorine in the daily-used tap water.

  Ozone can destroy bacteria, viruses, parasites and pesticide on the vegetable and Fruit.



2. Hand dryer, range hoods, sterilizer business:

  Ozone can destroy the Staphylococcus aureus toxins, E, coli, meanwhile ozone will    redox to oxygen in 30mins, increasing the oxygen concentration in the air. So ozone is widely used in sterilizer and home applicance.


3. Medical treatment. 

Ozone is used in hospital room to clean the air, and also applied to treat everything from wounds and colitis to cancer, strokes and AIDS. 


300mg ozone generator (1)300mg ozone generator (7)300mg ozone generator (8)





1. Are you professional?

we are specially dealing with purification parts, machines and accessories. we not only design new products ourselves,but also distribute high quality good sellers from many original manufaturers. we offer ozone generator, ozone machine, ion generator, ion machines, we have received 100% positive feedback ever since this stores opened in 2012. product and service are is highly reliable. 


2. How to protect yourself when using ozone?

Ozone can sterilize anywhere needed, just use it when the room is unoccupied (It is not good for people to breathe it directly, when in high concentration, it can do harm for people’s lung). People can be back to the purified room 30mins after the machine is off. 


3. Does ozone have side-effect? any consumptive material needed?

Ozone is different from other chemical products when do sterilization. After sterilizing, the extra ozone will be under redox reaction, and return to oxygen. there is not any residues and secondary pollution. The cost is low, since it takes ambient air as raw materials, no any consumptive materials, the real cost is only electricity fee. 


4. As to remove formaldehyde, what is the difference of ozone and activated carbon filter?

To remove formaldehyde, the activated carbon filter needs absorption. It takes effects only when the air flow blows the formaldehyde to the filter, the process is quite slow, it cannot remove the formaldehyde for the whole room, only effective for the surrounding area of the filter. Still it needs to replace the filter at a regular term, because once the filter is full of formaldehyde or dust, it won’t absorb anymore, instead, it will release harmful materials. While ozone is gas, there is no limitation for it, it can be full of the whole room, and it can breakdown the formaldehyde, instead of absorption. 


After Sales Service

We are responsible for shipping damages, and any product not working if installed properly. we can compensate it with payment back or send you new one/ones. But the prerequisite is that you raise up the problem within 7days after consignment. 





Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg

110V US Plug, 220V Euro Plug, 110V with accessory, 220V with accessory







Power Source:





Air Purifier

Application area:



Ozone Generator

Anion Density:


Power Supply:

Alternating Current

Formaldehyde Removal Rate:


Voltage (V):


Power (W):




Usage Condition:


Oxygen Supply:

Below 1L/min

Benzene Removal Rate:


Air Volume:


ozone yield:



110V US Plug/ 220V Euro Plug

Optional Accessory:

2meters silicone tube, and 3pcs air stones.

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